Business Strategy

From business strategy to applied commercial management, we can deliver the full circle. EnGarde will not leave you behind, puzzled and wondering how to implement the strategy. Strategy should be updated and adopted continuously, because in fast growing market: “Excellent today, might be average tomorrow”.

Our Strategy Modeling Concept (SMC) is designed to enable organizations to create the perfect strategies and accelerate the strategies. We believe today’s managers need to arm themselves with practical systems that allow them to become agile organizations. EnGarde can support you with: vision creation, market and brand strategy, digital transformation, risk and reputation management, investor recruitment and relations, merger and acquisitions, turn-around management.

Strategies must be lean and applied quickly. Enabling all members of the organization to have both a strategic and agile mindset is critical to success. We would like to support those that wish to push their teams, exceed customer expectations, overscore on the KPI’s and make all the shareholders and stakeholders happy.

When expertise is required – we’re there. It’s all about driving revenue. And we have the people to help get it done. We’ve held high-level roles like yours in various marketing positions, taking a countless number of products, services and brands to market. We’ll work with you to come up with a smart strategy, break down silos to help you gain alignment and assist in the flawless execution of the strategy.

Business & Market Intelligence

EnGarde will empower your company with the right knowledge to get ahead of the crowd and be the market leader and not on of the many market followers. Data and the knowledge how to put this data into action and base your valuable decisions on it, that’s the true power of a company.

Our clients join EnGarde to learn against their most complex operational and developmental challenges. The world’s leading corporations, investment firms, and professional services firms use EnGarde to improve performance, support their talent, and achieve better outcomes every day. We bring the power of insight to every great professional decision.

EnGarde provides large operating companies with insight and advice on the limitless strategic and operational questions they face every day. Our business and market intelligence services are tuned for:

  • Validate Product Hyposheses
  • Explore new and adjacent markets
  • Understand unfamiliar geographies
  • Strike down bad ideas quickly
  • Perform due diligence on M&A opportunities
  • Investigate new technologies
  • Solve key operational challenges

How it works:

  1. You have questions and need to understand a market, pressure test a strategy, or generate an idea.
  2. We have market experts, business intelligence expertise and a special methodology to retrieve any kind of information needed.
  3. You get the information you need and the strategic advice based on the information gathered. We will provide insights to help you make more informed business decisions, penetrate new sales channels, and assess partners and prospects.

Actionable Insights Developed by Marketers, for Marketers

You seek insights. Meaningful, executable, data-driven insights that ensure you feel confident that you’re making sound marketing decisions. Our Analytics & Insights team is a unique blend of marketers and analytics experts. Let us help you isolate core performance drivers and develop the critical learnings that push marketing performance up and to the right. Our Analytics and Insights practice consist of:

  • Performance & Planning
  • Customer Insights & Market Intelligence
  • Analytical Capability Assessments
  • Market Reports
  • Company Profiling
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Scenario Analysis & Planning
  • Business Intelligence Modeling
  • Market Balance Scorecards

We bring the power of insight to every great professional decision!


Marketing Strategy

Turning a business strategy into a marketing strategy is one of the most difficult things you can imagine. Are you entrepreneurial or financial driven? Is the market potential the starting point? Are you going to calculate the investment you need in order to optimize your true market potential. How are you going to optimize the RoI on your investments?

At EnGarde the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Our Strategy, Commercialization, Performance Transformation, and Analytics & Insights practices include very powerful and unique capabilities. We tackle challenges within each of these disciplines better than anyone else.



Through a continuous cycle of planning, launching, assessing, and refining, we help you set direction with agility and rigor, accelerate in-market execution, and optimize program and team performance.

Setting Direction with Rigor

We pioneer new ways of establishing connections between brands and customers. Whether you’re contemplating how to optimize your marketing technology investment or thinking through a new digital strategy, we collaborate with you to develop and measure the most effective plan of attack.

The EnGarde marketing strategy practice consists of:

  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Brand Strategy & Planning
  • Messaging Strategy & Planning
  • Marketing Technology Strategy
  • Product Strategy & Planning
  • Digital & Online Strategy
  • Portfolio Marketing & Pricing Strategy
  • Transformation Strategy

Accelerating Value Creation Through Team and Process Transformation!

We embed with some of the world’s most successful marketing teams to train them in bleeding-edge marketing tactics. Signature approaches like agile marketing accelerate our clients’ performance with flexible planning and collaboration around measurable objectives, clear roles, and rapid learning cycles. The EnGarde Transformation Practice consists of:

  • Agile Marketing (workshops, training, implementation, audits, fine-tuning, improving):
    • Marketing and Go-to-Market Strategy
    • Design Thinking & Minimal Viable Product Concepts
    • Content Marketing & Delivery
    • Event Marketing & Delivery
    • Product Ownership & Portfolio Management
  • Change Management and Change Marketing
  • KPI Design and Implementation
  • Feedback Models & Continuous Improvement
  • Marketing Process Management
  • Marketing and Sales Optimization Modelling


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