Product Management

Product management is an organizational lifecycle function dealing with the planning, forecasting, and production, or marketing of a product or products at all stages of the product lifecycle. Product lifecycle management (PLM) integrates people, data, processes and business systems. We can help you create, improve and optimize your product management (processes).

Our product management services include:

  • Product Portfolio Management
  • Product Marketing & Management
  • Roadmap Creation & Update Management
  • Pricing Intelligence & Strategies
  • Product Lifecycle Management

Marketing & Sales Technology

Marketing (and Sales) technology – often referred to as MarTech – is a mix of marketing, sales and technology. The commercial objectives are achieved through this technology. In recent years there has been a real explosion of different types of software. There are currently around 5,000 different software solutions within marketing technology. We wil assist you in making a solid choice for the perfect cocktail of solutions!

EnGarde’s associates and consutlants have extensive experience in the field of marketing tool selection, implementation and integration. It is our goal at all times to provide our customers with a fully integrated and streamlined marketing and sales solution. The marketing and sales processes must be seamlessly connected, there must be a commercial process.

EnGarde can advise and support you with:

  • Marketing & Sales Solution Selection
  • Marketing & Sales Solution Implementation
  • Marketing & Sales Solution Administrator Training
  • Marketing & Sales Solution End-user Training
  • Seamless Solution Integration
  • Monitoring & Measuring Effectiveness
  • Commercial Process Flow
  • Conversion Optimization

Our associates and consultants have extensive knowledge, but not exclusively, of the following marketing tools in areas such as Growth Hacking, CRM, Marketing Automation, Digital / Online Marketing, Marketing Forensics.

Managed Services

Within the marketing and sales departments there are serious discussions about the Marketing or Sales as a Service. Wouldn’t it be nice having a fully managed sales pipeline, outsourcing marketing forensics from website visitor to opportunity and/or a potential new hires pipeline. We offer a full range of sales, marketing and recruitment Managed Services. We not only manage the application, we also manage the process, the content and the output.

Workshop / Scoping

Knowledge and experience sharing is in our DNA. How do you become the best in your field? How do you get more out of yourself and continue to develop yourself? By participating in EnGarde Workshops of course! Growth and change comes from people. That is what we focus on during our workshops. And before we do any project or workshop, we will always conduct a scoping, assessing the “current” and “wished for” situation.  


EnGarde Lounge

The EnGarde lounge is a virtual “grand cafe” environment, where you can relax, learn the latest news, read interesting articles, participate and enjoy the current conversation. It is possible that an executive round table discussion is taking place, in which you participate or join in to listen. There might be a live EnGarde expert tutorial explaining about the ins and outs “marketing forensics” or “recruitment marketing”.




Google Certified Partner via our partnership with Morsilla


Google Certified Associate G-Suite Administrator via our partnership with Morsilla


Google Adwords Certified Partner via our partnership with Morsilla


Morsilla is our Google Certified and digital campaign partner.


Development of front- & backend of websites, mobile apps and marketing software integration.


International recruitment and executive search agency.


International translation agency.


Intermediary network for content providing professionals.


Together with Q, a Quodam company EnGarde delivers Precruitment Managed Services

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