Ethical Persuasion Seminars

Amsterdam, November 15th 2019 – Happy Brains and EnGarde will be hosting a serieus of seminars focused on “Ethical Persuasion”. Thomas Trautmann, CEO of Happy Brains and Associate of EnGarde, will be the lead speaker of these 2.5 day seminars.

Thomas Trautmann is fully convinced that this seminar is of serious value for any executive who wants to understand more about persuasion: “I always say there is a new kind of Ethical Persuasion Leader in the world today, and that’s you! The Ethical Persuader Seminar is the ultimate event for any Ethical Persuader! Based on the latest Brain Science it gives you direct access to the decision maker in the brain, allowing you to drive the decisions you want while they take the decisions they want!”. 

Allain Silbernberg, managing associate of EnGarde and the creative brain who convinced Thomas to join EnGarde and bring this seminar to the Netherlands, says: “The first time a participated in one of Thomas’s seminars, I was immediately convinced that he and his knowledge would be of added value for all EnGarde customers and relations”. 


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